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Go Yoshi, Go!

Art Project

Grab your art supplies and celebrate or (don't say it...don't say it...) "shellebrate" World Ocean Day with Yoshi, the loggerhead sea turtle who was rescued in 1997 as a young sea turtle and cared for at Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town, South Africa for 20 years before being released in December of 2017. No one knew where she was from except Yoshi herself and after a two year swim, Yoshi found her way home. With Yoshi's story taking place across an entire ocean, we thought Yoshi and the Ocean would be a great choice to read for World Ocean Day, the first day of Sea Turtle Week and....... because we're feeling celebratory, we have for you a throwback activity. Introduce your kids to a project with a serious 90's vibe. All you need are some recycleables, art supplies and your imagination.

Make a movie about Yoshi's Journey


Yoshi and the Ocean

Shoe Box

Paper rolls





Pens, Watercolors, Crayons, Color Pencils

Have fun!

Share Your Work:

We'd love to see what you create. Share your work on Instagram or Facebook and tag us @artsciencestory and use the hashtag #yoshiandtheocean.

More About Yoshi

Interested in learning more? Two Oceans Aquarium has a lot of information about Yoshi and other turtles they have rehabilitated and released since first caring for Yoshi.

More Books About Yoshi

Having set a distance record, contributing to ocean science and winning hearts across the world, Yoshi swam her way into a total of three new picture books. Fun fact, all three authors are open water swimmers themselves. You can read about all three books and their creators here or better yet, check them out at your local library or indie bookshop.


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